Better commerce with Shopify

A letter to Shopify from MicheleBazar:

Two years ago I made my way into entrepreneurship starting, with the mission of scaling my father's business online. I helped him during my summers, and I always thought about how I could use technology to help him spend more time with me and my family. Michele doesn't have a physical shop, but he sells in local markets around Italy. During COVID-19, the online shop we built on Shopify became the only sales channel that kept my father's operations alive. More than any other success, this made me proud of the work we did. The value we had created. A small business, with a lot of meaning, citing Harley Finkelstein's expression.

As a product guy, I measure the success of a product based on the success of its users; make your customers feel awesome, and your product win! Today I can say it: Shopify made me feel awesome! A proud small Entepreuner.

Thank you, Shopify!

Luca Cozzolino, Founder of MicheleBazar